Secret Tip to Complete your PADI Open Water in just 2 Days

Confined Water Session in Shallow Water for PADI Open Water

With geographic differences across the world, many areas require weeks before you complete all the necessary training for the PADI Open Water license. For example, in Germany, you need to spend a couple of weekends going through all the training before becoming certified as a licensed scuba diver. Many decided to come to Koh Tao to complete their diving license in one go… but we can offer you a better option!

Can I start my training before coming to Thailand?

With our newest offer, you can start your PADI Open Water course training with your local dive center before even coming to Thailand. You can start your training either with the theory or with the confined water practice at the PADI dive center near you at your own pace. Make sure you choose a recognized PADI dive center; this allows you to transfer your training to us seamlessly.

To continue your diving adventure in Koh Tao with us, you only need to share your PADI referral form and your e-learning code (PADI identification number) before you arrive. This allows us to confirm the course itinerary with you. You do not need to present the form before the booking if you haven’t finished your local training. We only need it a couple of days before the course begins.

The course itinerary on Koh Tao is different depending on how far you have done in your training. You can check out the sample schedule and more information on our Partial PADI Open Water Course page.

How do I complete the PADI Open Water course in two days?

This is the option we recommend the most if you have a PADI dive center in your area. Before arriving, you only need to finish the confined water and the theory part, including the exam. This means you only need to do four required open water dives in the tropical water of Koh Tao.

Your four dives are spread over two days according to the PADI standard on the maximum training dive limit. Your first day starts late in the morning. You will finish the whole course by noon the next day. This means you can even start the partial course on the first day you arrive in Koh Tao if you come with the morning ferry.

On the course page, you can check the itinerary and the price under the option: 4 dives.

What are the other options when there’s no PADI dive center in my area?

If you cannot find a PADI dive center in your local area, there’s another option for you. Our regular PADI Open Water course offers e-learning-based material. This means you can start right away after you finish the course registration with us.

Although this option doesn’t shorten the day it takes to complete the course, it allows you to focus more on the water skills and less on the quizzes and exams when you are here. Many divers who do their courses with us recommend this method. Otherwise, instead of enjoying the island, you may need to spend a couple of hours going through all the materials, which is not a great way to spend your holiday.

Is there also a way to shorten other PADI courses?

Similar to our base PADI Open Water course, we offer all PADI e-learning when possible. This includes PADI Advanced Open Water course, PADI Rescue Diver, Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty, and much more. Because we want you to enjoy your time on Koh Tao not just underwater but also on the island. Why spend all the time on the theory here when you can get most done at your own pace before arrival?

Are you Ready?

When you are ready, you can book the course you want from our online shop. We’ll confirm and schedule everything for you so you can enjoy this dive vacation worry-free.

If you still have any questions, you can always contact us or send us a message via WhatsApp. We’ll reply as soon as possible. Save the date, pack your bag, and prepare for the adventure of your lifetime!

Dive responsibly and cherish every moment beneath the waves.

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