Night Dive Trip – experience Koh Tao in the dark


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A mesmerizing experience at night in Koh Tao with a whole new nocturnal species coming out to live. Uncover the mystery in the dark with our night dive trip.


Product Name: Night Dive Trip
Total Dives: 1 dives per trip
Course Length: 18.00 – 20.00
Location: Koh Tao, Thailand
Maximum Depth: 16 meters
Minimum Age: 12 years old
Experience: PADI Advanced Open Water or Night Diver certification

What can you expect to see at night in Koh Tao?

Night diving in Koh Tao presents a unique experience unveiling the nocturnal side of marine life that remains hidden during the day. As the sun sets, divers are greeted by a different array of sea creatures. Bioluminescent plankton often illuminates the water with a magical glow, creating an otherworldly experience. Octopuses and squid are more visible at night. Additionally, sleeping titan triggerfish can be spotted sleeping which is a rare sight during daytime dives. This nocturnal dive offers a unique perspective on the vibrant and diverse ecosystem of Koh Tao, making it a must-try experience for diving enthusiasts.

What’s included in our night dive trip?

  • PADI Certified Guide
  • Scuba Diving Equipment (including torches)
  • Scuba Diving Insurance
  • Pick-up Service from Main Road (only on Koh Tao)
  • Free 1-hour Kayak or Paddleboard from our dive center

Our schedule

Night Dive Boat (18.00 – 20.00)
18.15 All divers checked in at our dive boat at the pier
18.30 The boat leaves the pier for the dive sites
20.00 The boat comes back to the pier

*This schedule can be changed due to the weather and other factors

Requirements for the trip

  • The participant is at least 12 years old at the time of the experience
  • The participant is physically and mentally healthy. He/she may want to check out the PADI medical form first for better understanding.
  • The participant held a diving certificate equivalent to at least a PADI Night Diver or PADI Advanced Open Water
  • Your last dive is within the past 6 months. (Or you have more than 40 dives and held at least a PADI Advanced Open Water certification or equivalent)

*Please feel free to ask our dive professionals for more details.

Terms and conditions

  • Our diving trip can be scheduled every day. Please allow us 24 hours to contact you back to confirm the dive date that you prefer after the checkout process.
  • Our online booking is non-refundable except for medical reasons and under the circumstance that we fail to book a date for you from online booking.

*Please see our full terms and conditions here.