Terms and Conditions

(This term and condition is updated as of the 4th March 2024)

Safe Diving Policy

All scuba diving activities must be made in accordance with the guidelines and recommendations for standard safe diving practices as established by PADI. All customers will be provided with a copy of these guidelines for review prior to any diving activities. Nava Scuba Diving reserves the right to refuse permission to dive to any customer due to inappropriate conduct or unsafe diving practices.


Customers will be held responsible for any loss or damage to property or equipment rented from or through Nava Scuba Diving and will be charged for the replacement, service, or repair that occurred. Nava Scuba Diving is not and cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, or theft of or to personal belongings from any dive boat or any part of Nava Scuba Diving premises.

Payment Policy

Divers enrolled in any diving course must settle in full prior to any in-water activities. Divers who are unable or choose not to complete a diving course/trip for medical reasons may be entitled to a partial refund which will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Payments can be made either at the dive center during office hours (09.00 am – 06.00 pm) or any online channels whichever is more convenient.

Cancellation Policy

Divers who choose to cancel a diving course/trip for medical reasons with 24 hours advance notice will be entitled to a full refund if the booking has a cancellation option. Under the circumstance that the diver is late and unable to make the boat departure time, through no fault of Nava Scuba Diving, no refund will be provided.

All booking under a free cancellation option allow for at least 24 hours free cancellation. There’ll be no charge for the booking except under the case that the participant would like to keep the received e-learning. The charge for the e-learning is 3,500 THB per code.

Insurance Coverage

Nava Scuba Diving is a sponsor of both the SSS and Badalveda Recompression Chamber Networks, entitling all customers to preferential treatment rates as part of the Diver Safety Support Thailand Program and DAN Referral Network. Nava Scuba Diving includes water-related accident insurance for its customers including decompression sickness, embolism, or other hyperbaric/air expansion injuries that require treatment in a recompression chamber. We strongly recommend that all divers hold an appropriate insurance policy. Customers are advised to provide Nava Scuba Diving with all relevant information regarding insurance coverage in advance of any diving activities. NAVA Scuba Diving is not liable for damages if you choose not to cover yourself with dive insurance, and we reserve the right to refuse to take you diving.

Equipment Usage

All diving equipment is included at no extra charge in all diving activities. Nava Scuba diving reserves the right to charge the customer for any damage or loss of equipment while in the possession of the customer.