Fun Diving in Koh Tao

Are you a certified diver looking for a relaxed and memorable scuba diving experience? Come dive with us on Koh Tao!


For every certified scuba diver of all levels, feel free to come explore the magnificent reefs home to large species of aquatic life in Koh Tao with our daily diving trip. We always make sure that you will get the best experience by providing you with a professional dive lead. Our dive lead will show you around and make sure you don’t miss the attractions we have here.

If you aren’t sure with your diving skills or you haven’t dive for a long time*, we also offer refresher dives to go all over your skills so that you are confident to dive responsibly and safely again!

Price: 900 THB per dive per person


At NAVA Scuba Diving, we have 2 diving trip each doing 2 dives per trip leaving everyday.

Morning Boat

07.00 – Enjoy two deep morning dives around Koh Tao with our professional dive lead 

11.30 – Log dive and enjoy  a beachfront view from our dive center

Afternoon Boat

13.00 – Enjoy two relaxed afternoon dives around Koh Tao with our professional dive lead

17.00 – Be back at Nava in time to enjoy a stunning sunset view from our dive center

*Schedule can be adjusted accordingly due to the weather conditions and other factors.

Inclusives items

To make sure that you will have the best experience with us, we include everything you need for the course, see below.

  • Dive instructor / Certified Dive leader
  • Dive equipments (wetsuit, BCD, regulators, fins, mask, snorkel)
  • Lunchbox during the course (with vegan option)
  • Pick up service during the course*
  • Insurance

*Pick up service for fun diver doesn’t cover all area on Koh Tao. Please check with our staffs


To ensure that you can enjoy the dive with maximum safety, there are fews important requirements.

  • Have a proof of scuba diving certification from any international organization e.g. PADI.
  • Dive for the last time within the past six months or else the dive need to do a refresher course to ensure safety.
  • Must be in good health (divers with medical conditions must obtain a medical certificate from a doctor allowing them to dive) 
  • Diver must wait at least 12-18 hour after diving before flying. (check with our dive instructor for more information)

Client Testimonials

New journey awaits on Koh Tao!

Join our NAVA crew for an unforgettable experience of the underwater world like never before on a tropical paradise.