A PADI certified instructor conducting a discover scuba diving in the first open water dive in Koh Tao

Discover Scuba Diving

A one day experience for anyone who would like to explore the world beneath the ocean. Just prepare your body and mind, no prior experience required!


When you are short on time but scuba diving sounds interesting to you. We offer a discover scuba diving experience in just 1 day. You will get to learn the basics of scuba diving and also the first-time feeling of breathing underwater.

First, get comfortable with our PADI Professional Instructors who will guide you through every step of the day. Learn the basics of Scuba Diving in our beautiful beachfront dive center.

Now it is your chance to explore and experience the wonders of the coral reef and aquatic life. Your instructor will supervise you 100% of the time and will even offer guidance on how to adjust your diving to be more comfortable.

After the dive, you will return to the boat to relax and recharge with onboard refreshments: fresh fruit, water, and hot drinks. Then it is just a short ride to the next dive site where you will get the opportunity to swim around a larger reef, home to butterfly fish, angel fish, and if you’re very lucky one of our local Koh Tao turtles!

If you feel addicted to scuba diving, you can always choose to pursue our PADI Open Water course for the certification which will allow you to dive with your buddy at any dive site in the world.

Price: 3,500 THB per person


Day One

10.30 – Classroom session for the fundamental skills and theory that you need to know before diving

11.30 – Lunch break to recharge

13.00 – Try breathing underwater for the first time during your first confined water dive

14.45 – Surface interval for you to rest and enjoy refreshing drinks with fresh tropical fruits

16.00 – Dive around with close care from our scuba diving instructor

17.00 – Be back at Nava in time to enjoy a stunning sunset view from our dive center

*Schedule can be adjusted accordingly due to the weather conditions and other factors.

Inclusives items

To make sure that you will have the best experience with us, we include everything you need for the course, see below.

  • Dive instructor
  • Dive equipment (wetsuit, BCD, regulators, fins, mask, snorkel)
  • Lunchbox during the course (with vegan option)
  • Pick-up service during the course
  • Dive Insurance


To ensure that you can enjoy the dive with maximum safety, there are a few important requirements.

  • Be over 10 years of age
  • Must be in good health (divers with medical conditions must obtain a medical certificate from a doctor allowing them to dive)
  • The diver must wait at least 12 hours after diving before flying. (check with our dive instructor for more information)

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