PADI Open Water Course

Become a Certified Diver!

Course Price 11000 thb

Your PADI Open Water Diver course is your 1st step in becoming a certified diver. You will enjoy the underwater worlds diversity, interesting corals and the reefs fish that call it home.

A certification with PADI is for life, and we will teach you the skills and theory to become a safe and confident scuba diver. Ready to dive anywhere in the world!

This course is over 3 days covering both theory work and practical in water skills. You will learn about the equipment, the effects of pressure on your body, buoyancy, and also learn about the local marine life.

We start off very shallow in confined waters on the 1st day to get you comfortable with the equipment in the water. Your instructor will demonstrated you diving skills that you will practice until you feel comfortable and ready.

Becoming an Open Water Diver Koh Tao

Diving in the Gulf of Thailand Koh Tao

You will then go for a dive up to 12 metres in depth, practising the skills you have mastered.

The coral reefs around Koh Tao are spectacular with life and colour, and the warm waters will make it very easy to practice your diving.

On the last morning, you will do the final two dives, down to a maximum of 18 metres.

When you return to the dive shop, you will log your dives, and celebrate becoming a certified PADI Open Water Diver!

Day 1

Paperwork + Videos


Practice skills in shallow waters!

Day 2

Review Theory + Quizzes


Dives to 12 metres!

Day 3

Dives to 18 metres!
Complete all water skills


Log dives + Celebrate!

Course Price 11000 thb


Junior Open Water

  • Over 10 years old
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