Is PADI recognized all over the world?

Yes, PADI is currently the worlds largest diving organisation.

Is insurance required for diving?

Yes, insurance is required for scuba diving. Your travel insurance may cover this and you should check your insurance policy. There may also be restrictions on depth in your policy. We can provide insurance for you at a cost of 250 Thai Baht.

Do I need a medical before diving?

Please check the diving medical form, if you answer yes to any of these questions you will be required to be checked by a medical professional. There is doctors on the island for these checks, however for some of the more serious ones a medical in your home country is advised as locally the equipment required is not on the island.

You can download the PADI Scuba Diving Medical form here

What if I do not finish my course?

For any reason you are unable to finish your course, a refund will be issued based on Nava Scuba Diving’s cancellation policy of that course. Generally we charge only for the part of the course that has been done. And for course we will also issue you a referral form which is valid for 12 months. You can use this to continue your course at another time and dive shop.